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Our Day Camp offers lots of daily fun and socialization for your furry baby. They will join our small pack of friendly Rovers for a day filled with play, socialization, and happy walks.

Day Camp is Monday - Friday,
from 8 am - 5 pm

Hourly $10/hour
$25 additional dog

$60 puppies up to 1 year-old

(must have all vaccines and be fixed)


( We only take small to medium size dogs for Day Camp. )

Cuddling Buddies


We also offer overnight stays in a safe sanctuary for Fido to get a good night's sleep and get recharged for next day's shenanigans. The Pajama Party is ideal if you're going out of town and don't want to lock your buddy up in a cold and impersonal dog hotel. Your dog will be in a warm, family environment with his/her play buddies. They will be on their regular walk/feeding schedule, and they can even sleep on our bed!


$45/night for second dog, same family

(must have all vaccines, spayed/neutered, and be on a monthly flee med)

( We only take small to medium size dogs for overnight stays. )

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If your dog is EXTRA, EXTRA and would prefer to sleep in his or her own bed, and run around in their own backyard, we offer wonderful house-sitting services all over Los Angeles.

Inquire early about our house-sitting service now to get a tailored offer according to your needs!